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User agreement

User Agreement shall become effective when you start using Liex service, thereby accepting Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

  1. User agreement.

    This user agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement") governs the relations between the Administration and Liex user (hereinafter referred to as "user"). Terms of agreement may be changed without prior notice. New version of the Agreement becomes active on the third day after it is published, except for cases when provided by the new agreement provisions. Agreement is a legally binding contract between the User and Liex service and regulates the use of User services at subject of this agreement are all current services as well as those appeared in the moment of development.

  2. Your registration.

    Upon completion of the registration process you will receive login and password to access your personal Liex options/account. You are responsible for the security of your login, password and account in general, as well as for all actions done at under your login and password.

  3. User conduct.

    A) Using Liex as Publisher.

    Webmaster who registered and accepted Agreement is responsible for:

    • Following rules and regulations for all websites that are being advertised on webmasters' property.
    • Publish on website added to Liex advertising materials of Liex advertisers. Publishing spots must correspond to declared characteristics. Illustrations, text content and other materials may not be changed by publisher in any way.
    • Publish advertising materials on pages open for indexing by search engine bots. It is prohibited to publish advertising materials of Liex advertisers on pages that for any reason may not be indexed by search engines.
    • Making sure not to use any kind of methods to hide advertising materials through changes in design. Such methose include but not limited to: Background color change, background color change to the same used in advertising material, use of font size that is not clearly visible to a naked eye, any kind of hiding elements, pop-ups, etc.

B) Using Liex as an Advertiser.

Advertisers who registered and accepted Agreement is responsible for:

  • Following Liex rules for advertising materials.
  • It is prohibited to publish articles containing texts that are promoting violence, that are unethical and offend public morals, can lead to claims from third parties and Liex publishers, discrediting honor and dignity of others. It is also prohibited to publish advertising materials that are violating any laws of the United States.

Liex Administration reserves the right to stop providing services to any user (Publisher and/or Advertiser) at any time without prior notice to the user.

         4. Disclaimer of warranties and liability.


You understand and agree that: is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage following from the present Agreement and somehow concerning the use of the system in general. Such damages include but not limited to: damage from loss of reputation, financial losses, loss of data, any failures and/or crashes of computers that belong to Liex users. is released from all guarantees as it deals with informational materials created by third parties and published on third party websites. is not responsible for reliability of advertising materials, quality of the advertised goods and services. Advertisers are fully responsible for reliability of advertising materials, quality of the advertised goods and services.

All risks for choosing an advertising platform of Publisher and/or Advertiser as well as its functioning quality and/or published content are covered by the User.

All information and services are provided on an "AS IS" basis. does not guarantee that: all software errors will be corrected; information and services will be provided continuously, fast, reliably and without errors; results received from will be exact, proper, correct, reliable or correspond to expectations and requirements of the User. 

         5. General information.

Inaction on the part of in case of violation of the User Agreement shall not deprive from the right to take appropriate actions in order to protect its interests later. It certainly does not mean that waives its rights in case of similar violations in future.

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